Elaine’s Story

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Although the images above (second one is a bit grainy) are not one of my most attractive photo ops, to me, it represents a very important part of my determination to help researchers bring cannabis to the forefront of our medical community.

I have had 5 squamous cell carcinoma spots on my legs that required biopsies and surgeries. Each surgery costed me between $1,600-$2,000 out of pocket. While traveling to Colorado with my brother Daner on the first trip to get the cannabis oil for him (he had pancreatic cancer), I decided to purchase a gram of the oil for myself. I had another spot on my lower leg that had been biopsied and I was scheduled for surgery in three weeks. So I thought, “why not try it.” I used the cannabis oil directly on my cancer spot and covered it with a waterproof bandage. I changed the bandage every two to three days. Within 14 days it was gone.

In the first photo, you can clearly see the infected area that was scabbed over due to the biopsy. The second is after 14 days using the cannabis oil and the third photo is my leg now where the spot was located. Since that time, I have had 5 more spots pop up. They are all gone because of my use of the oil. So in conclusion, the first five spots, with surgery and scars, costed me around $10,000 and the last 5 spots, with no surgery or scars, costed me a fraction of it. Absolutely Amazing!

Elaine W., Southlake, Texas